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We are a group of Real Estate investors who have been doing rentals and flipping properties for over 25 years. One of our largest expenses has always been windows. Unpredictable installations and product service were always a concern, so we decided to take control of this. We bought a window company and ordered custom windows direct from the factory and hired crews to do our installations. Other investors started using our windows for their projects and homeowners, and seeing the work we did, approached us to replace their windows as well. The demand opened up the opportunity to expand into our own retail operation and service the community as well as complete our own projects at a more reasonable cost.
We sell an incredible product. Energy efficient, quality construction and we have skilled installation crews available to make sure that the fit and function are exactly as they should be. We don’t have any additional overhead, we don’t have commissioned salespeople and we advertise mainly through word of mouth and referrals, so we don’t have to charge to cover these costs. On average we are 50-60% less than other companies, some of which order from the same manufacturer we do.
You will see the difference from the first time we meet with you. There is no traditional 3-hour (yes 3-hour) sales pitch, we are usually at your home for about 20-30 minutes to show you the product, take measurements and let you know how much your total cost will be. If you are ready to order, we collect your deposit and send your order to the factory. When your windows arrive, we will call to schedule installation at your convenience and make sure everything is working as it should. You will have our personal cell numbers if there are any concerns and we will work to make sure you are happy and satisfied. We look forward to being your window company.

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Phone: 704-123-4567

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Address: 123 Main Street, Charlotte, NC 28210